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Here is the second artist interview for The BLACKout Magazine's feature on the artists of the Unity art show:

Name: Rukiya Dykes
Year: Junior
Major: Textile and Apparel Management with an emphasis in Marketing and Merchandising

What is the inspiration for your work?
“Surprisingly, I don’t get my inspiration from any other photographers or anything like that, I like to pull from paintings and stuff. So, like Van Gogh, I know one of my favorites is, I really love sunflowers; I just love the way he captures different subjects, and that’s what I try and implement into my photography.”
How long have you been doing photography?
“I’ve been photography since honestly, I can remember. So, my dad, he used to do photography just like as a side hustle, and so I just kind of latched onto that. Never been that great at drawing and I can’t sing, sadly, so that was just my niche. When I was younger I was really quiet, and so I guess photography was my way to express myself through my eyes without having to say anything.”
How do you feel about being a part of the Unity Art Show?
“I’m so excited and it’s so crazy because JoMerra, she was talking about doing it and so I was just like ‘go ahead, I’ll help you with the planning’ and she actually did it. You know it’s crazy, so many people say ‘I’m going to do this, I’m going to do that’ but never do it. But, I love the fact that a lot of the artists, it’s kind of like a nice mixture of already featured artists and some artists that aren’t necessarily as popular.”
This will be Rukiya’s debut of her work and her first art show. She said she has “jitters, but it’s good jitters!”
What will you be featuring in the show?
“Part of being in the show we do have to unveil something while we are there. I’m not going to talk about the reveal, but I’m definitely playing around with some mediums, I’ll tell you that. I think that’s really exciting too, kind of stepping outside my comfort zone.”
What are your plans for the future?
“As far as photography is concerned, I’m just going with the flow at this point, just because it’s not my major, and even though it is my passion, I still want to be in love with it. From what I’ve been doing just trying to expand, I have been doing stage photos, I don’t like it. I tried to do events…. it’s too much that goes along with it and its not capturing what I want to capture necessarily. I feel like will try to collaborate, to start doing some new stuff and I don’t just want to stick to other photographers. I guess that’s how I’ve been branching out, not necessarily with what I shoot, but how I present it.”
Any last words?
“Well I really hope that my photography evokes a type of feel that you would never feel before, I guess. And that’s it.”

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