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Atlanta FX Premiere Review

by Lanitta Collier

        The new show Atlanta, brings a new wave of comedic genius to the forefront while giving a woke and undeniably black presence to the mainstream FX audience. As an Atlanta native, I was interested in how Glover would portray my city and I couldn’t be more satisfied. To start off with the two hour-long premiere, the audience were introduced to Donald Glover’s character, Earn Marks. Marks tried and failed attempts towards the music industry has left him broke and living with his on-again-off-again girlfriend Vanessa (Zazie Beetz). He notices a video of his cousin Paper Boi (Bryan Tyree Henry) while on the job selling cellphone plans at Hartsfield Jackson-International Airport. At first, Paper Boi shoots him down until Earn finessed his way to getting Paper Boi’s latest single on the radio.

        The hour-long premiere also took time to address black mental health. When Earn is in police custody from getting in a shootout with Paper Boi, a man who is mentally unstable drinks his own urine out of a cup to the amusement policemen and other men waiting custody. He spits it out at the white police officer, and the police officer forcefully hits him to the ground with a baton. Then another man who was in custody with his trans girlfriend denied his relationship when the other men in custody were taunting him for being in relationship with a transgender.

         Atlanta gave us raw Atlanta. The deep southern dialect, the raw visuals and references of different neighborhoods in the city of Atlanta, smoking weed on a couch in the middle of the grass, and J.R Crickets? I am sold; Atlanta is definitely a TV show I’d suggest.
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