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T.V. Show Reviews: "Empire"

by Jamsin Hampton
Once again, “Empire” graced television screens when it returned for a third season on Sept. 21, 2016. In typical "Empire" fashion, the season three premiere opened with high drama. Season two left off with a cliffhanger of Rhonda Lyon and Anika Calhoun (otherwise known by her Cookie-given name, Boo Boo Kitty) fighting on the roof outside of Hakeem Lyon’s failed wedding. The fight resulted in one of them falling off the balcony.

It was uncovered that it was Rhonda who fell to her death. Of course, this event created a whirlwind of trouble for the Lyon family. Andre Lyon, who dealt with severe emotional and mental issues in past episodes, was obviously devastated by his wife’s passing. Anika immediately went into labor, as the stress from her fight with Rhonda was too much for her to handle. Thus, she and and Hakeem Lyon’s love child was born. On top of all of that, Lucious Lyon’s childhood friend and past accomplice, Shyne Johnson, is trying to use his knowledge of Lucious’s shady past to advance his own daughter’s career. At the end of the first episode, Jamal Lyon took to the stage. However, in the middle of his performance he stopped and ran off stage because the flashing cameras remind him of being shot by Freda Gatz. It is then revealed that, due to the incident, Jamal suffered from PTSD.

 It’s hard to believe that all of this happened in just the first episode. It’s apparent that the entire season will be full of plot twists, turns, and comical yet serious familial drama. “Empire” has proven yet again in this new season that it deserves to be in your top 10 shows for Wednesday nights. The plot continues to deepen and develop, while the dynamic characters grow and face different problems that come with their lavish lifestyles. Though the show focuses on the Lyon family, who can use their money to manipulate almost any situation, the writers are always sure to include topics that the average black person in America today faces. Some of those topics include: tough family conflicts, career and societal pressures, mental health, and even police brutality. It is clear that “Empire” transcends the typical primetime scripted series box that some may try to put it in. It is very relatable to its audiences as it showcases current issues and the fact that the world we live in is facing some major challenges. Be sure to tune in every Wednesday night at 8pm to see what will happen next with the Lyons.
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