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Revitalized and Revamped: A Look at How Fashion has been Reinterpreted

by Lauren Williams

Silk Pajamas

Silk pajamas have made their way from the bedroom to the streets. Paired with a strappy stiletto or a simple sneaker, the silk pajama has become a chic, lazy-day outfit.

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Since its reintroduction into mainstream fashion about a year ago, chokers have been reinvented in many different styles and textures. One of the most noted reinterpretation of chokers is the choker top. Now, chokers have been attached to garments. It’s like getting your accessory and outfit all in one!

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Fashionable slides have grown in popularity recently. What was previously seen as an easy-slip-on shoe that sports players wore to preserve their cleats has now become a comfortable and stylish way to jazz up an outfit.

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The Ballet Wrap Top

Current fashion can thank ballet for a lot of its attributes, such as the bodysuit and leggings. The wrap top is an underrated ballet garment that has been reinvented by several fast-fashion stores and designers. The clothing brand Zara went as far as to create a whole section for the ballet trend on their website. Check it out here!

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The blazer is a classic work place staple. Moreover, the design and ease of the blazer jacket has now been translated into a dress. The look is both androgynous and powerful. With simple accessories, it’s the perfect outfit for a special event.

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