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Last Minute Costume Ideas

by Jon Beltrano
We have recently hit the season-turnover, and with this also being the verge of Halloween, students will need to jump-start their anticipation for the holiday season. Midterms are over and now the only stimulating activity left to do this month is costume shopping. But for those who were not gifted with a sense of time, they must commit to last-second poor excuses. These students will either tatter and mud their clothing and attend parties as pre-Godmothered Cinderella, or become thrift connoisseurs and revolutionize the label “sexy grandpa.”
           Fortunately, the internet has remedies to this. Any indecisive judgments of colored wigs or Minion makeup tutorials are encouraged with a vast online content. But, note to follow the trends.
According to Washington Post, after 11 years at the top, princess costumes have been dethroned as the most popular Halloween costume. Now this year’s prized get-up is superheroes. If in search for guidance, keep this theme in your back pocket. The most notable superheroes always travel in packs; think Avengers or Justice League.
The utmost inspirational super-teams came out of the 90s. When looking for your character’s superpower, 90s rhythm and blues is the most dominant to hone. It’s never a fault to look back on the genre’s steamy, harmonic vocals and bubbly instrumentals, and use that superpower for this holiday’s attire.
BeyoncĂ©’s pre-evolved form, Destiny’s Child, is a principal example. With the group’s constant change in members, even if your group has two, three or four friends, it is still possible to strike an alarming resemblance to Destiny’s Child. One iconic outfit of theirs comes from the 2001 single “Survivor” The camo-studded fashion was a triumph at the time, and will still hold its glory. This Pinterest board features camouflage cropped tees, hoodies and halter neck tops from Urban Outfitters and ASOS. It also features skinny army green pants, shorts from Fashion Nova, and polished black lace-up combat boots from Charlotte Russe all resembling their style at the time. An extra outfit is featured to mimic an early photo shoot the group did with the original four members, where LeToya Luckett wore a black bandeau with unstrapped camo overalls.
Another super group is the beautiful joyride that was TLC. During the beginning reign in 90s hip-hop fused R&B, their style was bold and progressive. Their outfits were always memorable for its meaning and unified temperament. Their biggest single, “Waterfalls”, featured calm flair through humble elements of royal blue harem pants, black bandeaus, and a light-blue paisley bandanna wrapped around the upper arm; which can all be bought on Etsy or at a nearby Target. The topper of the outfit is gold-colored hoop earrings, found at H&M.
Make sure to divide member roles efficiently – always paying close attention to who deserves BeyoncĂ© and Left-Eye Lopez. With this guidance, the bars of Columbia will know exactly who saved Halloween this year.

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