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Black Owned Businesses: Mizzou Entrepreneurs

by Kara Clay and Loren Ingram

Mizzou is full of budding black entrepreneurs. The BLACKout Magazine has compiled a list of entrepreneurs from around campus. Check them out and support your local black owned businesses!

Founder Co-Founders: Karen Spears and Tia James

Mission Statement: 
Build, Brand & Beyond is a collaboration between Mizzou seniors, Karen Spears and Tia James, to help college women strategically and visually brand themselves for college and beyond. You talk strategy with Tia and create designs with Karen to build the brand you want to achieve.

Shameless Plugs: 
We will be hosting secret branding workshops throughout the semester! If you would like to be invited or learn more about our student services, please fill out this form and you will hear from us soon!


 Social Media Handle(s): Tia James: @tiatamjam Karen Spears: @kareracter

Founder (CEO): Jasmine Birt (SlayByJ)

Mission Statement: 
SlayByJ’s mission is to serve and embrace the beauty of all clients, no matter the race or gender. To provide excellent quality and outstanding customer service. To make clients look and feel amazing. SlayByJ is a business that values customer satisfaction and strives for every client to undergo a pleasurable experience.

Shameless Plug:
 Turn on my Instagram notifications for surprise deals and random model calls
Check out my “Bring a Friend” slay deal! (Bring a friend with you and you only pay $50 all together for your full face applications, lashes included)
 SlayByJ gives one-on-one makeup lessons with no minimum! Have a quick 15-minute eyebrow tutorial or an hour-long lesson on your favorite makeup look (Lessons are $50/hr. however you aren’t required to do the full hour.)
·      Halloween Makeup Deals are available on my Styleseat.

Social Media Handle(s):
 Instagram: _jasthemua (Most of my pictures/work is on here!)

Styleseat: (Where clients can book an appointment)

Founder (CEO): Kristal Briana Whitaker

Mission Statement: 
Kreations by Kristal is a nail business inspired to aspire women and build confidence in their beauty and in who they are.

Shameless Plugs: 
Homecoming deals and two for one specials

Social Media Handle(s):
Twitter - @kreationsbykbw
Instagram – 2broadway1 (#kreationsbykristal)
Facebook – Kristal Whitaker (#kreationsbykristal)

Founder (CEO): Camryn Nicole Wheeler

Mission Statement:
 CAM Cosmetics is dedicated to helping women look their best for special events, pictures, or simply an everyday look. CAM cosmetics has built a reputation not only for the spot on application of cosmetics, but also through classes on the proper application of cosmetic products, and the 100% natural skincare line.

Shameless Plugs: 
 Slogan: Get Camera Ready, With CAM Cosmetics!

Deals to look out for: 
The Beats & Bundles Deal which is a full face makeup application by Cam Cosmetics and a hairstyle by Conve Beauty which is ideal for events like graduation, graduation pictures, and any other special event.

Social Media Handle(s): Youtube: Cam Cosmetics / Instagram: @camcosmetics 

For bookings go to:

Mission Statement: 
To provide a clean home and a easy life for on the go college students.

Shameless Plugs:
Birthdays get 40% off
15% off second time using Glo Life
Homecoming and other special events get 15% off

 Social Media Handle(s):
@GloLifeCleaners on twitter

Ashé: An African philosophical concept. To conceive the power to make things happen and produce change. Comparable to “Amen”, which translates to “so be it”. However, Ashé is more assertive, translating to “It definitely shall be done”.

   Founder (CEO): Sean Adams

  Mission Statement: To service my peers by creating a comfortable environment for hair grooming necessities.
Ashé Grooming Essentials is my way of reclaiming a culture deprived. I wanted to make real products for natural hair that has been stripped for centuries of the nurturing it needs to flourish. No by-products, no chemicals, no ingredients you can’t pronounce. I made this for my kings and queens. 

Shameless Plugs:
    I offer two hair-grooming products. Both are made from all-natural/ organic ingredients with the purpose of stimulating hair growth and providing lasting moisture.

All-Natural Hair Serum (Jamaican Black Castor Oil and Caffeine-infused Jojoba Oil base)
True Moisture Pomade (Shea Butter and Mango Butter base)

 Social Media Handle(s):
  Instagram: @Sean_Un1mtd
 Twitter: @Sean_Unlmtd

Founder (CEO): Teanna N. Bass (Co-Founder) Joclyn L. Neal (Co-Founder)

 Mission Statement: 
We are a fresh, modernistic make-up brand dedicated to serving face to everyone. Using our inventive and creative products, we allow you to slay the day, beat the odds (and your face) and have the confidence to be flawless, feminine, and fierce.

 Shameless Plugs:
 The product launch date for our product launch (and what specific products that will be introduced) is set for release in Early 2017. For other announcements, be sure to check out our social media’s for any future updates. 

          Social Media Handle(s):
Instagram: @SweetTeaCosmetics
            (website will be up in early 2017)

            Founder (CEO): Paige Marshall          
Mission Statement:
Our mission is that every person understands that his/her beauty is not defined by products, society, or trends, but by what makes them feel most comfortable and beautiful. 

Shameless Plugs:
So happy to say, the website will be launching this winter and will feature a lot more than you expect! 

Social Media Handle(s):
IG: RAWeverythinginc

Founder (CEO): Merryck Tann-Dickerson, Myles Peters

Mission Statement: College Kitchen strives to provide home-cooked meals to the everyday student while also producing quality catering options to the Columbia, MO area.

Social Media Handle(s):

Instagram: @collegekitchenmizzou

Twitter: @ck__mizzou

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